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The Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis continues to track the pandemic’s effect on the construction sector, a bellwether for the broader Ninth District economy, which includes Minnesota, the Dakotas, Montana, western Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. We are partnering with construction/trade groups to collect feedback from you and other firms in the construction sector.


Please take this 5-minute survey to help the Minneapolis Fed and President Neel Kashkari better understand current business conditions for your firm.


All responses are anonymous. To maintain anonymity, please do not include any self-identifying information in comments. If you receive a survey alert from multiple partners, please only respond to the survey once.


Your input will help the Federal Reserve System shape monetary policy to help businesses thrive in these challenging conditions. We will also share findings in a timely fashion with partnering organizations (that sent you this survey) so survey results can be shared with you as well.


The Minneapolis Fed greatly appreciates your time and insights, and wishes you and your business good fortune in the coming months.


Ron Wirtz
Regional Outreach Director

Who We Are!

We are a professional collaborative of minority-owned businesses comprised of service provider’s, consultants, supplier of goods & services located in the metropolitan area of Minneapolis / St. Paul Minnesota. The Association of companies have clients in several market types including commercial, governmental, public and private. Our market sectors are varied, yet we primarily serve clients in Healthcare and Construction/Building.

Unique attribute: We are professional minority businesses, with exceptional experience and well-capable of doing more (business)...together, to meet market demands.

We provide our members with opportunities to network, support other member organizations, and to meet organizations that can purchase their goods &/or services.

Cultivate partnerships with government agencies and for-profit organizations that were committed to providing equitable access to revenues for goods and services offered by minority owned businesses that provided exceptional customer service and delivered to their customers’ needs.

What does this mean for you?

MMGSA will continue to strengthen our partnerships with the organizations that are committed to ensure our members have access and are best positioned to receive revenue-generating opportunities. By 2020 we want to have 100 committed members of minority-owned organizations that sell goods and services, including you. Benefits realized by current members include:


3-year contracts with agencies


New business partnerships that lead to acquisition of larger contracts


Operations, Sales and Marketing education, tools and resources designed to drive business growth


Support and new customer contacts from other members

Show Your Support!

Your donations to MMGSA can help drive success within our minority communities. Minority-owned businesses enrich their communities by returning profits within them. This allows our communities to build futures for entrepreneurs, their families and their businesses. Overall quality of health and wealth are greatly improved when minority owned businesses thrive. We truly appreciate your support through donations!

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